Wanna Be Seen Everywhere? Pitch Your Business with JustMy


"Wanna Be Seen Everywhere? Pitch Your Business with JustMy" is an invitation for businesses aiming to enhance their visibility and reach. JustMy is a platform that specializes in content creation and distribution, providing digital tools to help businesses amplify their message and connect with a larger audience.

One of the key services offered by JustMy is adNETWORKS, a premier digital advertising solution. adNETWORKS is designed to elevate your advertising game, providing the tools and support to advertise like the pros, reaching your audience effectively and efficiently. It connects you to top digital properties across various platforms, allowing businesses of all sizes to launch targeted campaigns with ease and efficiency. Regardless of your organization's size, adNETWORKS prioritizes the power of your ideas over your budget.

In addition to its extensive network of over 200 Digital Publishers and Data Providers, adNETWORKS offers discounts on advertising rates based on your membership package. Moreover, when you recommend other businesses to JustMy, you earn advertising credits that you can use to buy your ads on any of their network partners.

JustMy also serves as a hub for local content, allowing businesses to share the best of their community, from local news to experiences. This platform enables businesses to consolidate their content, which might otherwise be scattered across various online services, into one easy-to-use location.

JustMy is committed to supporting local communities as well. For instance, the Memphis Promise initiative, in collaboration with JustMy, shines a light on the achievements of the city's youth and highlights the efforts of individuals and organizations nurturing the potential of future leaders.

In essence, JustMy is more than just a platform for content creation and distribution; it's a partner that helps businesses and communities thrive. By pitching your business with JustMy, you're not only expanding your reach but also becoming part of a network that values community growth and success.